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Dressage Young Riders

Dressage Young Rider Program

The relationship between your child and riding instructor is one of the most important bonds he or she will develop outside the family. The relationship will shape the child’s attitude toward riding and the confidence he or she brings to the stable each day. Dressage lessons, furthermore, provide a foundation for any other kind of discipline that the rider wishes to pursue. The general understanding of horses and of one’s responsibilities with regard to horses transcend all riding disciplines.

ossborneOur training program is a progression based on the individual needs of each rider while encouraging confidence and the desire to help individuals reach their personal best in riding.

The first step is discovering what your child wants to accomplish with horses. The Young Rider Program is designed to help gain knowledge and bridge the gap between where your child is today and learning, progression at their pace and possibly competition. The curriculum encourages young riders under 21 to become true horsemen with correct position, competitive skills and knowledge of all aspects of riding and horse care; to enable competition to further their education; to have fun and develop good sportsmanship throughout.

Our assessment process is important to understand where your child is and where they want to be in the future but it is also important that parents develop realistic expectations with the instructor as well. Working together the right choices for your child can result in a well-adjusted, confident young rider, whether or not a child ultimately chooses a career in horses, the skills learned during the formative years can be carried into other life endeavors.

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